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What is Mortgage Default House?

Homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage payments and have been left with no other choice but to sell their homes have a very difficult task ahead of them. If you find yourself in this situation, it is likely that you are facing numerous challenges. First of all, there will be a mountain of paperwork involved and you will have to deal with a number of people who don’t seem to care about your personal circumstances.

In fact, many of the homeowners who have found themselves in this position have told us that even the people who are supposed to help homeowners to stay in their homes are often not available to assist or even provide clear instructions.

Your mortgage defaults when you can’t make your monthly payments anymore. This may be due to several reasons like loss of income, disability, divorce or any other reason that directly affects your paying capacity. Other ways of default can be not paying your property taxes, not paying your homeowners insurance, transferring the title of the house to someone else without the lender’s approval or severely damaging the property or value of your home. Once you default on your mortgage loan, the lender can demand that you repay the entire outstanding balance, called “accelerating the debt.” If you fail to pay off the entire amount due after 120 days of nonpayment, the lender can foreclose. You can cure a default in payments by paying the amount due, plus any allowable costs and fees, by a specific time before a foreclosure sale. After you cure the default, the foreclosure stops. The amount of time you’ll get to cure a default varies depending on state law and the terms of your loan contract.

There will however be situations when selling a house is the only option left due to mortgage default. When a person falls behind on mortgage payments, they may have to sell the house to cover the remaining balance on the mortgage. Or, if they live in an area prone to flooding, a tornado or hurricane may destroy their house and make it impossible to live there. In either case, selling the house becomes necessary.

As a result of the stringent rules laid down by the government, more and more people are selling their house due to mortgage default. When selling a house in this manner, you will want to make sure that you get confirmed payment from the buyer as soon as possible. You can safeguard yourself from getting cheated by selling your house through a reliable company like us at Sell My House. We understand that you need the cash quickly. We help you gain quick access to the funds you need.

The people who need to sell their houses fast will benefit from using us as their partner. We help people who are facing financial difficulties and need to sell their houses quickly. We provide a range of solutions for you to sell your house fast so as to pay for the mortgage default.  It is better for you to take advantage of our services than letting your house go into foreclosure and end up in debt. You don’t have to worry about the title or the home appraisal process. If you need to sell your house fast, we will guide you through each step and make sure that you get top dollar for your home. We help the sellers to get in touch with buyers and negotiate on their behalf, so that everyone involved gets what they deserve. We were able to sell many mortgage default properties for more than 100 thousand dollars above the asking price just because we understand the criticality of the situation and our experts know well how to close the deal in a win-win equation.

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